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Curveline Product Suite

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning
Powerful OLAP Analysis and Interactive Dashboards
Flexible reporting with drill down
Businesss/Users based workflows
Multi currency translation
Drill down and Drill through features
Real Time Intercompany Matching and Elimination




Curveline Management Solutions is a complete end-to-end performance management solution for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting . Unlike traditional enterprise software alternatives, our innovative solution is affordable, deployment process made very simple, and does not require any special IT support. Business users can easily create reports and dashboards with very less learning curve.

Curveline Management Solutions synchronizes your financial plan with the operational management solutions of your organization. Activity such has demand management solutions, workforce management solutions, sales revenue management solutions, driver based management solutions are all connected throughout the supply chain. Based on complete business information accurate forecast can be done which helps the decision makers the ability to easily adapt to the changing economic conditions.

Understanding your Business

Curveline business intelligence solutions are designed to allow companies to easily turn the volumes of data they collect and store into meaningful information to best manage their operations. When key information is readily accessible, you can make better and timelier business decisions. Curveline offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics and reporting solutions to allow individuals throughout a company to assess business performance from a number of angles, based on data from numerous sources. A shared, consolidated view of key business performance measurements is crucial in supporting decision-making.A good business plan can provide guidance for the organization of entrepreneurs and the creation of ideas to move forward. It gives clear detail of where now stands the company where it is and where it plans to go. You can break the targets stages that are reached in a year.

Curveline suite of BI solutions features query, reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP) and performance measurement technology to improve the analysis of business processes and customer information. Our BI software applications are rich in functionality, capable of satisfying complex customer requirements and have evolved into strategic tools for the enterprise to improve productivity and business performance. Business Intelligence is a process for increasing the competitive advantage of a business by intelligent use of available data in decision making. Excel based user interface is a great advantage for the user and the administrator for multi-purpose tasks like data entry, pivot analysis and dash board creation.

Curveline Management Solutions's key features:

  • Intuitive front end with multi-dimensional data collection
  • Data centrally managed
  • Integrated financial statements
  • Multi level organizational hierarchy
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Multi-currency translation and consolidation (IFRS)
  • Drill Down features for report and dashboard
  • Multi-Dimensional Reporting
  • Login trail
  • Session activity monitoring
  • Business based workflow
  • Segment based analysis
  • Real time intercompany matching
  • All in one platform