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Company in nutshell

We provide budgeting, planning and forescasting solutions for our customers. We are engaged in business and software development mainly in the area of business intelligence.

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What is Curveline Planning?

Curveline Planning is a budgeting and forecasting package which uses multidimensional concept to efficiently aggregate the data in the database with its patent pending in-memory calculation engine.

Why Curveline?

Some of the key features that differentiates Curveline Planning from other vendors:
Familiar spreadsheet interface helps the end users to focus more on the budgeting process instead of spending more time on learning the package.
Business administrators with basic excel skill and no IT knowledge can create and maintain the input packages and analysis reports at ease
Minimal implementation timeframe
OLAP based summarization and faster calculation engine

What is Curveline Analytical Server?

Curveline Analytical Server handles high performance requests such as multi-currency translation, inter-company elimination and consolidation. The Analytical Server adopts multi-dimensional concept in its calculation engine in order to meet the adhoc requests from the user.

What is Curveline Datalyzer

Curveline datalyzer focuses on the data collection, approval and analysis phase of the budgeting process. It integrates well with third party BI vendors and budgeting and forecasting packages.

Is it easy to setup the package?

Installation of the package is very easy as it guides the users through a well familiar interface set up routine. The users are given an option of going for an embedded database or can connect the package to other DBMS vendors.

Is japanese language supported?

Curveline planning supports both Japanese and English version. The end users can dynamically choose between the different language versions.

How is the budgeting process managed in Curveline Planning?

Curveline Planning has a well defined review process control mechanism specifically catering the needs of the budgeting and forecasting process. The workflow interface enables the business administrators to dynamically assign multiple versions of workflow to the budgeting data owners.