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Curveline Datalyzer

When it comes to the data collection within your organization with mutliple users from multiple departments and organization we have many walls to cross thinking Is the data that you need to operate effectively being collected consistently? Are you hindering your work by not standardizing the entry points for data collection? Then Curvline Datalyzer is a perfect solution.Data collection is essential for any organization. Data collections are process of preparing and collecting data for an improvement in organization process and also help in many business decisions.

Data is a valuable asset that requires careful management because it plays a critical role in supporting decision making at all levels of an organization.

Curveline Datalyzer key features:

♦ High degree of flexibility
♦ Unlimited scalability to support multiple users
♦ Data integrity and accuracy
♦ Manual data entry
♦ Data uploads / downloads
♦ Pivot analysis
♦ Smooth and easy integartion with other third party vendor packages(both BI and OLAP tools)
♦ Data auditing and approval process managment
♦ Batch scheduling
♦ Drill down capabilities

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