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Curveline Architecture

Curveline Architecture enables the application to integrate well with most of the prevailing popular technologies. Curveline Management Solutions provides a scalable architecture which allows for large deployments. The system can be used to rollout to hundreds or thousands of users according to the evolving needs of the organization. Architecture allows for flexible data entry, analysis and powerful workflow management using a easy to use interface. Maintenance and distribution costs are completly reduced as the management solutions processes are completly integrated and the data is centrally managed.

Curveline architecture enables application to access data from any database in a platform-independent manner. There is no need for the application to depend on the low-level JDBC details like managing connection, dealing with statements and result sets. All the necessary details for accessing a particular data source is easily configurable. Curveline Management Solutions by distributing the task between the Curveline application server and analytical server. Curveline servers are portable and enables the easy setup of the sotware in any operating system. The flexible architecture provides the posibility to enhance the application at relative low cost. As the application is highly scalable moving to a cloud environment is straight forward, no extra cost changing the application.

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