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Multi Dimensional Cube

Curveline database holds the data like a 3D spreadsheet rather than a relational database. It allows different views of the data to be quickly displayed.

The Curveline cube is a multidimensional structure that contains an aggregate value at each point, i.e., the result of applying an aggregate function to an underlying relation. Data cubes are used to implement online analytical processing.

Being a multidimensional database, Curveline cubes are created and stored physically. A variety of cross-dimensional calculations and aggregations are possible within Curveline cube, and the dimensions can be pivoted in reports.

Curveline cube is defined by its measures and dimensions and consists of measures based on one or more fact tables and dimensions based on one or more dimension tables. Dimensions are based on attributes, which are mapped to one or columns in the dimension tables or views in the data source view, and then hierarchies are defined from these attributes.

Curveline analytical database with its multidimensional ability can deliver answers swiftly to complex business queries. Data can be seen from different ways, which gives a broader picture of a problem unlike other models. The specific design of the Curveline cube ensures report optimization and efficiency in data retrieval. In other words, the storage of the data is in such a way as to make easy and efficient reporting.

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