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Every organization uses different methodologies and best practices when creating budgets, contracting for commitments, determining process workflow and reporting. It combines Budget Management, Contract Management and a Workflow Engine to manage project, program and organizational-level finances. The system is also completely customizable to match the processes of each organization.

Understand your budget status at any time by coordinating the management solutions process with workflow features and automated e-mail notifications to alert users of pending deadlines. Managing the communications flow between multiple parties is tedious at the best of times, and it becomes increasingly more difficult within larger organisations where staff are located on multiple sites. The concept of workflow is closely related to several other fields in operations research and other fields that study the nature of work, either quantitatively or qualitatively.

With Curveline Management Solutions intelligent and interactive worlflow, organizations can easily increase participation in the performance management solutions process, so that inputs can be made from front-line employees, managers and directors who are closest to the actual operating activities of the business. Built in workflow allows high level managment members to check the status of their budget at any time to see if any submissions are awaiting approval or to see if the data is ready for reporting. No more delays waiting for responses to phone calls or emails to see whether the data has been submitted or approved.

Workflow management includes the following functions:

* Visualisation of process and organization structures
* Capture, administration, visualization, and delivery of grouped information with its associated documents or data
* Incorporation of data processing tools (such as specific applications) and documents (such as office products)
* Parallel and sequential processing of procedures including simultaneous saving
* Reminders, deadlines, delegation and other administration functionalities
* Monitoring and documentation of process status, routing, and outcomes
* Make sure that a pre-determined process is adhered to
* Allow for reporting on data in progress as well as completed data
* Tools for designing and displaying process


* Approval and rejection in real time
* Centralized controlled workflow shows real time effect in user input and secure system
* Intuitive Participant Status with colourful work status and interactive display status during
* The management solutions cycle can be changes on a interactve base by the managers providing the ability for a prodcutive workflow
* Month-end tasks such as loading Actuals data, performing complex calculations or multistep consolidations over large data models can be scheduled as background tasks to run overnight or at other off-peak times.

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