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Curveline Planning

Curveline Planning software is a financial planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that drives collaborative, integrated, event-based planning processes throughout the enterprise for a wide range of financial and operational needs with unique workflow and excel based user interface for input. Curveline business intelligence (BI) solutions are designed to allow companies to easily turn the volumes of data they collect and store into meaningful information.When key information is readily accessible, you can make better and timelier business decisions. Curveline offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics and reporting solutions to allow individuals throughout a company to assess business performance from a number of angles, based on data from numerous sources. A shared, consolidated view of key business performance measurements is crucial in supporting decision-making.

Curveline Planning features query, reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), data Import and Export, Intelligent Worflow, Modeling consolidation, sub consolidation , forecasting to improve the analysis of business processes and and easy decision support. Curveline Planning software are rich in functionality, capable of satisfying complex customer requirements and have evolved into strategic tools for the enterprise to improve productivity and business performance. Curveline Planning will provide the analytics to assist an organisation in setting its goals and monitoring progress towards them.


» Statutory and management consolidation
» Flexible reporting feature
» Excel like interface for journalizing
» Automated data collection process
» SOA compliant
» Interface to OLAP applications
» Excel data centrally managed
» Business process centrally managed
» Data collection process completely automated
» Shorter Implementation cycle and less learning curve and easy deployment
» Rolling forecasts
» Central management of data entry input forms
» Fully automated and centrally managed workflow which can be customized to suite any business
» Excel like interface which is easy for data entry
» Keep track of workflow status (data entry status, approval status)
» Analysis and Report creation through excel like interface
» Interface to OLAP products like Essbase, Mondrian and Palo
» Easy master management
» The ability to create budgets and forecasts without having to create or maintain a formula
» Automatic rollup without having to write complicated rollup logic
» Spreadsheet input hassles resolved with intuitive input forms
» Customizable financial statements and reports
» Multi-currency translation and consolidation
» Sub Consolidation
» Import and Export data from any data format
» Drill Down features for report
» Multi-Dimensional Reporting
» Automatic Consolidation
» Customizable logic
» Interactive dashboard
» Static and dynamic reports
» Pivot analysis
» Data slice and dice
» Batch process scheduling

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